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Safety and Security

Here at Little Cheeky Monkeys we consider the safety of your child to be our first priority.  As well as having a very high staff to children ratio, there are a number of safety features that we have put into practice.

* The entrance has a door bell and safety key pad which is activated by a code only known to members of staff, parents and visitors to the nursery will have to be granted access by one of those members of staff.

* There is a strict “Collection policy” in operation to determine who is allowed to collect your child and will require a password before being granted access into the premises.Security

* There is a number of state of the art security features built into the fabric of the building, such as several security cameras linked to a cctv recording system, in order to monitor the safety of the Nursery from the outside, and also to enable the activities of the Nursery to be monitored by the Manager.

* There is separate temperature controlled hot water supply to the taps in the children’s bathroom

* Fire alarms, panic alarms, smoke alarms and emergency lightning to aid a rapid escape from the building, are fitted as standard.

* Safe and hygienic floor and work surfaces in all rooms.

* The outdoors area’s comply with our strict safety-first policy also.

* All staff have a positive ‘enhanced’ clearance obtained from the Criminal records Bureau, prior to commencing work at Little Cheeky Monkeys.


Baby Room

Our baby room cares for babies aged 6 weeks to 2 years in two separate rooms one for the younger babies and one for the older babies we provide a relaxed homely environment in order to ensure a smooth transition from home to setting.. Read more

Toddler Room

This is the room where the children aged 2 – 3 are. if your child has been with us since they were in the baby room they will automatically move into this room when you and your child’s key worker feels your child is ready. Read more

Pre-School Room

In the pre-school room the day becomes structured as they carry out similarities of big school, these involve register time with encouraged self registration, table time with academic activities such as writing, spelling and pronunciation.. Read more
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